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  • SwitchArrow Opening your second account

    Interested in opening a second account with us? You’re making the right choice!

    You’ll be joining over a third of our customers who already have more than one account with us. Enjoy the added flexibility of multiple registered account types, potential tax benefits, and the ability to manage all of your assets in one place with one login.

    It’s very easy to add a second account (or a third!) to your existing profile & account with us, and the best part? This should take less than 10-15 minutes.

    Check out our guide on opening your second account here.

  • SwitchArrow Getting ready to file your tax return

    Tax season is an important and busy time as you gather all your required documents to file your return. We want to help you with this process by explaining what tax slips or other supporting documents you can expect to receive from us, when you can expect to receive them, and other key information, so you’re organized for tax-time.

    Check out our tax guide here for more information about contribution slips, capital gains and more.

  • SwitchArrow Moving funds and investments between accounts

    Looking to move funds, or investments between your accounts at Questrade?

    No problem, we make internal transfers as simple as possible. You can easily move both your Canadian and U.S. cash, plus your investments between accounts.

    Check out our guide on internal transfers here.

  • SwitchArrow Journaling shares (Norbert’s gambit)

    Journaling shares refers to the strategy of exchanging equivalent, dual-listed shares from different exchanges. When an investment trades on two different exchanges, you’re able to freely exchange shares from one exchange to another.

    Check out our guide on Journaling here.

  • SwitchArrow Withdrawing funds from your account

    Looking to make a withdrawal from your Questrade account? Good news, we’ve made this easy as possible so you have complete access to your funds at all times.

    Check out our guide on withdrawals here.

  • SwitchArrow Bracket orders

    A bracket order allows you to place stop and limit orders simultaneously to help you secure profits while limiting losses. 

    Learn more about bracket orders in our guide here.

  • SwitchArrow Exchanging funds from CAD to USD

    Since all Questrade accounts can hold both Canadian and U.S. dollars, there may be times when you need to convert from one currency to another. This is especially important for Margin accounts, where we do not automatically convert your funds for you when you’re in a negative balance.

    Check out our guide to exchanging funds here.

  • SwitchArrow Third party deposits

    Canada’s anti-money laundering legislation prevents Questrade from accepting deposits or transfer of funds or positions where the name on a bank account does not match the name on your Questrade account.

    So, when making a deposit to your Questrade account, the account where the money or investments is coming from and the Questrade account where the money is going to must have identical names. We cannot accept deposits from a third party/person such as a friend, coworker, parent, uncle, aunt, etc.

    Learn more about third party deposits in our guide here.

  • SwitchArrow RRSP Home Buyers plan

    The Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP), a program offered by the Government of Canada, is designed to help Canadians with making the big move of purchasing their first home. The program allows RRSP account holders to withdraw money out of their account tax-free when the proceeds are used towards purchasing a qualifying home.

    Check out our guide to the Home Buyers plan here.

  • SwitchArrow Level 1 trading quotes

    Whether you’re watching TV, listening to the radio, or browsing the Internet, you’re likely to come across complicated stock market figures. Knowing how to read and understand quotes is an essential part of managing an investment portfolio. Whether you’re a “buy & hold investor” or a very active trader, understanding the basics of a level 1 quote is the foundation for success.

    Check out our in-depth guide to the Level 1 trading window here.

  • SwitchArrow Pre and Post market trading

    North American stock markets are open from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm ET, Monday to Friday (excluding certain holidays). Each day, most trades take place during these hours. But big news doesn’t just happen during regular market hours. Influential company announcements and geopolitical events can happen at any time.

    This is where pre-market trading comes in: the pre-market session lets you act on big news before many traders are out of bed. Pre-and post-market trading sessions are additional times investors can trade outside of standard trading hours. Depending on the exchange, there are rules on how pre-and post-market trades are placed.

    Learn more about pre and post market trading in our guide here.

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