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Welcome to your Questrade account! Let us make it easy for you to navigate the website.

Below you will learn where to find a summary of your account balances, automatically generated reports, tax slips, account requests, and more.

For an introduction to the trading platform, visit Introduction to Questrade Trading.

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    Access different areas of the website to make administrative changes to your account, place trades, and learn more about industry terms and the market.

    1. Accounts

      View a historical overview of your accounts. Access administrative requests and make changes to your accounts.

    2. Trading

      The web-based trading platform to place trades, and see account balances in real time.

    3. Other Platforms

      Download our mobile app or IQ Edge, our advanced desktop trading platform.

    4. Market Research

      Where to find the latest market news using Intraday Trader. Research mutual funds using Mutual Fund Centre, and subscribe to the Bonds Bulletin and Daily Ticker newsletters.

    5. Learning Centre

      Access Help & How-To, the Glossary, and view helpful Fact Sheets.

  • SwitchArrow Summary

    1. Account Summary

      View the value of all your accounts combined. The numbers represent the overall Canadian dollar value as of the previous trading day, even if you hold US dollar investments.

      All in CAD: U.S. dollar amounts are totaled in Canadian dollars.

      Unrealized gains (losses): Total profit (or loss) from open positions that haven’t yet been closed. This is displayed separately in CAD and USD.

      Total Market value: The current value of your investments using the best-available market price.

      Total equity: The total value of your investments and cash.

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    3. List of Accounts

      View the list of all your Questrade and Questwealth accounts and their 8-digit account numbers. You can click on each entry to be taken to the Investment Summary page.

      Cash: The amount of cash in the account, valued all in CAD.

      Market Value: The value of the positions in the account, all in CAD.

      Total Equity: Cash + Market Value, all in CAD.

    4. List of Account Transfers

      If you have an incoming account transfer, it will appear here. You can review ongoing broker to broker account transfer requests, including any updates that need your attention.

  • SwitchArrow Reports


    View and download automatically generated reports for your accounts. All reports include information for the last 7 years.

    1. Investment summary

      Displays the end of day values of your accounts (balances, book value, % return, etc) from any day within the last 7 years.

    2. Investment return

      Displays interactive graphs showing the returns of your accounts.

    3. Account activity

      View all account activity (trades, deposits, withdrawals, dividends, and more) for your accounts. Filter by date range and activity type.

    4. Statements

      Account statements for your self-directed and Questwealth accounts, available monthly or quarterly.

    5. Trade confirmations

      The trade confirmations for all trades made in your self-directed accounts. Filter by symbol and/or date.

    6. Tax slips

      Download relevant tax slips generated for your accounts. Read more about which slips you can expect.

  • SwitchArrow Account Management


    Make changes to your individual accounts: adjust account settings, add or change a market data subscription, download and upload forms, manage authorized traders and beneficiaries.

    1. Account Management

      View and make changes to individual accounts, including adding or removing an authorized trader, billing account, option level, margin power, currency settlement.

    2. Market Data

      Learn more about additional market data packages available and choose to add or remove a monthly subscription.

    3. Find Forms

      Download the relevant forms to make changes to individual trading accounts, or to update information about your Questrade account.

    4. Upload Documents

      The area where you can upload digital copies of the documents in Find Forms securely, as well as other documents such as void cheques and photo IDs.

    5. Refer a Friend

      Access your unique referral code to invite others to use Questrade.

    6. Manage Participants

      Add or change information about authorized traders and beneficiaries.

  • SwitchArrow Funding


    Learn about all the ways you can fund your account, or initiate a transfer-in from another broker .

    1. Online banking

      Learn how to set up a one-time or recurring Online Bill Payment via your bank’s online banking website.

    2. Interac online

      Instantly fund your account from select banking institutions.

    3. Pre-authorized deposit

      Set up a one-time or recurring pre-authorized deposit. You can also use this option to fund your account with US Dollars.

    4. Transfer account to Questrade

      Transfer an account from another financial institution to Questrade, as long as the account types match (TFSA to TFSA, RRSP to RRSP, etc). If your current institution charges a transfer out fee, you can receive a rebate of up to $150 to cover it.

    5. Other funding methods

      Information about how to fund by wire transfer, cheque, stock certificate, bank draft, and money order.

  • SwitchArrow Requests


    Submit requests to make internal changes to your accounts, and to withdraw funds.

    1. Exchange funds

      Convert the cash in your account between Canadian dollars (CAD) and U.S. dollars (USD).

    2. Transfer funds

      Transfer cash between any two of your Questrade accounts.

    3. Transfer investments

      Transfer securities between any two of your Questrade accounts.

    4. Withdraw funds

      Withdraw cash to your bank account.

    5. Corporate actions

      Submit a request to take action for a company’s voting events.

    6. Exercise an option

      Exercise long calls or puts, or choose to have them expire worthless.

  • SwitchArrow TRADE


    Direct link to the web-based trading platform.

  • SwitchArrow Name Menu


    View your account inbox and profile details. Adjust account settings, submit feedback, and access Help resources.

    Learn more about connecting third-party applications through App Hub.

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