Opening your second account

Interested in opening a second account with us? You’re making the right choice!

You’ll be joining over a third of our customers who already have more than one account with us. Enjoy the added flexibility of multiple registered account types, potential tax benefits, and the ability to manage all of your assets in one place with one login.

It’s very easy to add a second account (or a third!) to your existing profile & account with us, and the best part? This should take less than 10 minutes.

  • SwitchArrow Adding an additional account

    1. First, log in with your existing username & password.

    2. Navigate to the “Summary” page (If you’re not already there).

    If you’re on the trading platform after logging in, simply click “Trading” at the top left, then “Accounts”.

    Navigation menu top left clicking accounts button

    3. Click “+ Add a new account”.

    Add new Account Screenshot - Summary Page

    4. Once the account selection pop-up appears, please choose the type of account you’d like to add.

  • SwitchArrow Unsure about which account type will work best for you?

    Check out our fantastic blog article on this topic.

    Alternatively, we have some great information listed on these pages that may help with your decision:

  • SwitchArrow Choosing your account type

    If you’re looking to trade and invest on your own, please choose from one of the self-directed account type options near the top.

    If the account type you’re looking for is not visible, please click “See more account types”.

    Account selection menu screenshot highlight on see more account types

    If you’d like Questrade Wealth Management to manage your account on your behalf through our Questwealth™ Portfolios, please choose the account from the bottom of the pop-up.

    Once you have finished the portfolio questionnaire, you can then choose the type of account afterwards. (TFSA, RRSP and etc..)

    Account selection menu screenshot questwealth account

    After you select the account you’re opening, please click the green continue button near the bottom of the pop-up. You’ll then see your new application added to your summary page, right above your existing account(s).

    Green continue button

  • SwitchArrow Answering your account questions

    When you’re ready, please click the “Set up your account” button found in the box next to your new account. (From the main 'Summary' page)

    This will take us right into the account setup.

    Set up new account button screenshot on summary page

    On the next page, you’ll see the type of account you’re opening shown below the navigation bar at the top, and we can click the “Start” button next to “Account details” to continue.

    Account details menu screenshot highlight start button for questions

    Please fill out the selections within the account details window. If you have any questions here, feel free to click “Why do we ask?” for further details.

    When you’re finished providing your answers, please click the green “Done” button at the bottom of the popup.

    Account details menu screenshot options trading account purpose and initial deposit

    After you’re finished the account details, please proceed to the next section “Consent and communication”. Like before, please click the “Start” button and fill out the options on the popup.

    If you have any questions in this section, please refer to the “Why do we ask” button on the top right once again. 

    Once you’re finished here, please click “Done” at the bottom, and continue on to the last 2 sections.

    Consent and communication menu screenshot security holder materials and email use

    Please click the “Start” button next to “Persons with financial interest” to move on, then proceed to answer the questions in the popup.

    If you have questions in this section, please click “Learn more” for additional information.

    Persons with financial interest menu screenshot adding beneficiary authorized trader

    Lastly, let’s move on to the agreements section, please click the “Start” button once again, and the agreements will appear in another popup.

    When you click the check-box next to the agreements, the actual agreement itself will appear, please read through this thoroughly before clicking the green “Accept” button at the bottom.

    Agreements menu screenshot client agreement account agreement options

    You can then continue on and do the same thing for each of the agreements shown. Once you have a check mark next to each agreement, you can click the “done” button at the bottom.

    Congrats! We’re finished the account details section, and we’re almost finished.

  • SwitchArrow Saving and printing your agreements

    If you’d like to print or download your agreements, please follow these 4 steps:

    1. Hover over “Account management” from the main navigation bar
    2. Click “Find forms

    Navigation menu top screenshot highlight account management find a form menu option

    3. Choose the appropriate account type at the top of the page
    4. Click & download (Or print) the agreements listed near the bottom right side of the page.

    Find a form page screenshot account type at top highlighted

  • SwitchArrow Signing and submitting your documents

    We’re almost finished! To finalize your application we just have to sign and submit any necessary documents.

    To sign your forms, in most cases you will be given the option to “E-Sign”, if this is the case, please click the green “E-Sign” button to continue.

    Green e-sign button from application page

    If you do not see an E-Sign button next to your document package, we may require you to print & hand-sign your forms due to various regulations prohibiting E-signatures. (I.e. Tax forms)
    In this case, please download and print your forms by clicking the “Download all forms” button.

    Download all forms button from application page

  • SwitchArrow E-Sign through DocuSign

    When you click the E-Sign button, you’ll be shown a brief summary of the documents that will be signed, and to move on, please click the green “Continue” button.

    Docusign e-sign popup box with green continue button

    Once you click the button, you will be taken to a new page through our DocuSign interface.

    First, you’ll need to agree to using electronic signatures at the top of the page if you haven’t already done so in previous applications.

    Once this is done, please click the green “Continue” button to move onto the next step.

    Docusign window top section green continue button

    Afterwards, you’ll be able to view any documents available to Esign. Feel free to scroll through, or even print the documents before signing online. To print, please click the small printer icon at the top of the document.

    To begin signing, please click the green “Start” button on the left-hand side of the page, and click each highlighted box with an initial or signature. Your initials and signature will be pre-filled with the electronic signature used for your first account.

    Please note: Your electronic signature does not have to “match” your handwritten signature, as long as you have a valid ID uploaded with a signature visible, this will not cause any issues.

    Docusign window screenshot green start button on left side

    Please review the document before clicking the green “Finish” button at the bottom to move forward.

    Congrats! You’ve finished E-signing your documents.

  • SwitchArrow Uploading your Documents

    To finalize your new account, please proceed through the last section to upload any necessary documents.

    If you have recently uploaded your government issued photo ID for another Questrade account, you can skip this step, our systems will automatically re-use your ID for this new account. In these cases, you’ll see a green check mark next to the Photo ID requirement.

    If it has been more than 6 months since you opened your first account, we may require a new copy of your ID.

    If this is the case, your page will look like this:

    Upload documents button with upload click prompt

    Please click the “Upload” button to submit your photo ID.

    If you’re completing this application on a mobile device, you’ll also be prompted to either take a new photo, or upload one saved on your device.

    As a reminder: In most cases, we only require the front side of your ID with your signature visible.

    If there are any remaining documents required for your new account, you’ll be able to see them listed below the photo ID requirement.

    Download all forms button screenshot

    Please download, print and hand-sign these documents, and in most cases you will then be able to upload them directly to your account.

    Rarely, we may require you to mail in certain documents where we require the originals. If this is the case, instead of an upload button, you’ll be able to see our mailing details.

    You can upload your documents directly through the application with the “Upload” button, or alternatively, you can navigate directly to our Upload documents page. 

    Here are some step-by-step instructions for how to upload your documents.

    Congratulations! You’ve finished uploading the required documents for your new account.

  • SwitchArrow Funding your new account

    Now that you’ve finished signing and uploading your documents, the last step is to fund your new account.

    We have a number of different funding options available, for more details, please visit our Funding page on this topic or check out our fantastic Funding video.

    You can also choose to transfer an existing account from another bank or broker, if this is the case, please check out our guide to transferring an account.

    Reminder: If your outgoing bank or brokerage charges a “transfer-out fee” to move your accounts, we can help cover this charge as part of our Transfer for free promotion.

    You can view the Terms and conditions of the promotion here.

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