Getting started with Passiv

If you’re following (or planning to follow) a passive investing strategy, our partners at Passiv are here to help.

Passiv’s goal is to help you allocate your cash, rebalance your portfolio, execute your trades, and invest your deposits & dividends as they become available. All in a fully integrated, secure, and free to link tool. Get started by linking your Questrade accounts if you’re ready to cross those items off your To Do list.

Step 1: Create a Passiv account.

If you haven’t made a Passiv account yet, you can easily do so by signing up here.

Step 2: Link your Questrade account to Passiv

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll need to authorize Passiv to access to your Questrade account. This is accomplished via the Questrade API which securely transmits information between Passiv and Questrade without exposing your password.

Depending on your preference and goals, you can choose to give Passiv read-only or trade-enabled access to your account. Read-only access permits real-time balance calculations and cash notifications, while trade-enabled access lets you use the One-click Trades feature Passiv offers.

Step 3: Set a target asset allocation for each account.

After you authorize access, Passiv’s dashboard will automatically display your investment accounts and their balances. After that, you will need to set up your target asset allocations. To set target allocations, just drag the slider associated with each asset to the percentages you want.

Step 4: Sit back and let Passiv do the rest

Once you’ve set your target allocations, Passiv will monitor your portfolio and tell you when any trades are needed to bring your account back into alignment with your target.

By default, Passiv is set to only calculate buy trades. This means that when you have new cash in your account (such as from a deposit or a distribution from an investment), it will indicate which assets in your portfolio are currently underweight, and how what trade is needed to get back to the target allocation. If you’d like to sell assets as part of your rebalancing, you can enable Sell calculations by going to Settings > Options > and turning Buy-Only to Off.

Passiv alerts you when new funds are available in your account. These could be in the form of dividends, a new contribution, or an account transfer. When you get one of these emails, your Passiv dashboard will have calculated trades waiting for you. You can make these trades on the Questrade platform or via Passiv’s One-Click Trades feature. This feature is available to all Passiv Elite subscribers.

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