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At Questrade, we're in the business of financial empowerment- your financial empowerment. Our goal is to help you confidently take charge of your finances, so you can be more financially successful and secure. If you’re brand new to investing in general, or just new to Questrade, here are some resources to help you get started.

One of the best places to start is with our on-demand webinar on Getting to know your new accountThis webinar walks you through the basics of using your Questrade account, including how to navigate around the trading platform and how to make your first trade. You can see the other on-demand webinars we offer here.

Frequently asked questions
When you first start investing, it’s natural to have questions. We’ve put together the most commonly asked questions and answers for new users to make it as easy as possible to get started on the road to your own financial success.


  • SwitchArrow What are the order types available at Questrade?

    We’ve put together an entire article on the different order types available at Questrade. You can read more about the different order types we offer here.

  • SwitchArrow What do the different order durations mean?

    The duration you choose for your order can have a lot of impact on how and when it is fulfilled. To learn more about the different order durations we offer, you can read our article here.

  • SwitchArrow What are the different items on the Balances page?

    The account balances page might feel a bit intimidating at the start, but once you understand how it’s laid out it will be easy to understand where you stand as you move towards your financial goals. Learn more about understanding your account balances here.

  • SwitchArrow How can I fund my Questrade account? (including how to avoid 3rd party deposits)

    There are a number of ways that you can fund your account. You can learn more about each of them, and the timeframes associated with them here.

    Note: In order to comply with anti-money laundering regulations, Questrade cannot accept deposits from accounts that don’t match the name on the account at Questrade. If your account name at Questrade differs from your bank account name for any reason, please contact Questrade to speak to a customer service agent before funding your account.

  • SwitchArrow How can I check on transfer request updates?

    To see the status of any transfer requests, you will need to log into myQuestrade, go to Accounts>Funding, and then click Transfer Account to Questrade history.

  • SwitchArrow How do I transfer cash or investments between accounts?

    If you’re thinking of transferring cash or investments from another financial institution to your Questrade account, you can learn about how to do that here.

    If you’re looking to transfer cash or investments between your accounts, you will need to log in to myQuestrade, and go to Account>Requests> and choose Transfer investments or Transfer funds. The processing time for internal transfers is 2-4 business days.

  • SwitchArrow I have sent money from someone else’s bank account to Questrade? What do I need to do now?

    In order to comply with anti-money laundering regulations in Canada, we cannot accept deposits from accounts that aren’t in your name. If you unintentionally send a deposit from a bank account not in your name, you will need to reach out to our customer service team directly and ask the owner of the depositing account to request a recall of that deposit from their financial institution.

  • SwitchArrow I have sent money from a joint bank account to Questrade and the money is not yet in the account? What do I need to do?

    In order to comply with anti-money laundering regulations in Canada, we cannot accept deposits from accounts that aren’t in your name. Unfortunately, this can include joint accounts if both names on the joint account are not also on the Questrade account. In an instance like this, you will need to reach out to our customer service team directly for assistance.

  • SwitchArrow What are ECN fees and how can I avoid them?

    Electronic Communication Network fees (or ECN fees) can be charged when you remove liquidity from a particular stock exchange. The fee can differ between exchanges, but is typically quite small - for example, on the TSX you are charged $0.0035/share for trades that remove liquidity.

    To learn more about ECN fees and how to avoid them, you can read our article here.

  • SwitchArrow How can I trade in pre- and post-market windows

    The standard trading day starts at 9:30am ET and goes to 4pm ET. However, we offer additional trading windows in pre- and post-market times. You can learn more about those windows and how to trade within them here.

  • SwitchArrow How can I withdraw money from my account?

    To withdraw funds from your account, log into myQuestrade, go to Accounts>Requests, and click Withdraw funds.

  • SwitchArrow How can I check for updates to my withdrawal request?

    Click Requests>Withdraw funds, and click Request history. Choose the date range you’re looking for.

  • SwitchArrow What are Level 1 and Level 2 market data?

    Level 1 and Level 2 refer to different detailed levels of market data available via subscription at Questrade. They can provide you with more information to help you make better informed trading decisions.

    To learn more about each level of market data and what they offer, check out the following links:

            -  Level 1 market data

            -  Level 2 market data

  • SwitchArrow Common questions about your RESP

    How can I get more information about grants I can get in my Questrade RESP?
    To learn more about the different grants available to you in your child’s RESP, you can read our article here.

    How can I check what grants I have received?
    To review the grants you have received in your RESP account, you just need to review the overall activity in your account. To view the account activity, log into your Questrade account, click Accounts>Reports>Account activity and then select the range you want to review to see all transactions on your account (including grants that have been added to your account).

    How do I change the contribution amount between my beneficiaries?
    By default, the contribution percentages will be evenly split between all beneficiaries. For various reasons, the subscriber of an RESP may decide to change the automatic allocation of contributions within the account. One of the main reasons is if one child is expected to enroll in post-secondary education before another. In this case, they may choose to allocate more funds to this beneficiary. To update the allocation weights, the subscriber needs to provide Questrade with a signed and dated letter of direction indicating that he would like to adjust the contribution weights. If the client selects "All future contributions" they must provide the form before the contribution is received here at Questrade. If they select "One time" we can adjust the allocations of contributions made within the same calendar year.


    How do I add more beneficiaries to my account?

    To add another child to an existing RESP family plan, the child must be related to the subscriber by blood or adoption, and he or she must be under 21 years old at the time the subscriber add him or her to the plan OR have been a beneficiary of another family RESP immediately before being added to this one.

     To add an additional RESP beneficiary, the following forms need to be completed and sent to Questrade. We can accept this form by mail, or upload through my.questrade. Note: There is no need to provide information about existing beneficiaries on the forms.

    Designation of additional beneficiaries form -

    CESG Grant Form -

    ANNEX A is required if they wish to add more than one beneficiary -

    ANNEX B is required if the subscriber(s) on the account are not the Primary Caregiver or Custodial Parent -

    How do I transfer money from another broker to an RESP account?

    If you’re thinking of transferring an account from another financial institution to Questrade, you can learn about how to do that here.

    How do I take money out of an RESP?

    The purpose of an RESP account is to invest assets on behalf of a beneficiary who is expected to pursue post-secondary education. The funds can be used towards paying for tuition and other expenses related to pursuing a higher education or further development. 

    In order to process a withdrawal, we will need the following information:

    1. EAP Withdrawal form: You will need to either upload this form or mail it in.

    2. Proof of enrollment in a post-secondary institution: You can upload a copy of the form to myQuestrade. Please note: proof of enrollment can’t be older than 3 months

    Proof of enrollment should include below and should be on school letterhead (official seal required):

          - Student name
          - School’s name & address
          - Program, start date and end date (ex. Sept 2020 - April 2024)
          - Full or part time


         - The following fees with apply to all RESP withdrawals:
         - Full plan deregistration: $100 plus GST/HST
         - Partial plan deregistration: $50 plus GST/HST

  • SwitchArrow What is included in each market data subscription

    We offer a number of different market data packages to suit your specific trading needs. To learn more about what exchanges are covered under each option, check out this breakdown.

  • SwitchArrow Further reading

    Eager to learn more? We’ve got you covered!

    We have a regularly updated blog that covers helpful topics such as diversification, asset allocation, and whether it is better to invest or pay off your debts.

    We also have a resource hub for retirement planning if that’s your goal.

    Our YouTube Channel offers a host of helpful videos about our platforms and investing and we have official channels where you can reach us on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

    Got more questions? You can check into our resources for intermediate investors, read our blog, or research your questions in our Help and How-to section.

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