Introduction to Questrade Trading

Welcome to your Questrade account! Let us make it easy for you to navigate.

Below you will learn where to place a trade, view current positions, access watchlists, view current and previous orders, and more.

For more information about account information, deposits and withdrawals and other account-related information, visit Introduction to your account.

  • SwitchArrow Top Navigation


    Visit each page to make trades and learn more about the various securities offered.

    1. Stocks, Options, ETFs

      Access the web-based trading platform where you can trade these investment products.

    2. FX & CFDs

      Learn more about FX & CFD trading, open a practice account, and access the platform.

    3. Mutual Funds

      Buy and sell mutual funds and access the Mutual fund centre (also accessible via Market Research).

    4. Precious Metals

      Learn about trading physical gold and silver, and metals storage and delivery.

    5. Fixed Income

      Access the bonds bulletin to compare bonds and GICs.

    6. IPOs

      Explore and buy into IPOs using the IPO centre.

  • SwitchArrow Account Menu

    1. Balances

      Compare Start of Day and Current account balances, including cash and market value.

    2. Positions

      View active positions in each account, add and remove columns to your preference.

    3. Orders

      View all submitted orders from up to the last 3 months.

    4. Executions

      View all executed orders from up to the last 3 months. 

    5. Activity

      View account activity including login data.

  • SwitchArrow Side Menu

    1. Account

      View balances, positions, orders, executions, and activity.

    2. Watchlist

      Access pre-made watchlists or create customized watchlists.

    3. Stocks

      View detailed information about specific stocks, ETFs, or indices.

    4. Options

      View detailed information about options.

    5. Research

      Access market event calendars, news, and videos.

    6. Alerts

      Customize email and SMS alerts for specific symbols.

  • SwitchArrow Profit and loss

    1. Closed P&L

      Represents the profit and loss (P&L) values of closed positions in your account.

      This includes positions that were completely closed in the current day, and positions that were previously partially closed.

    2. P&L day

      Today’s profit (or loss) for open positions in your account, compared to the previous trading day’s values.

    3. % P&L day

      Today’s profit (or loss) for open positions in your account (expressed as a percentage), compared to the previous trading day’s values.

  • SwitchArrow Daily orders


    Shows the number of orders for the day, including open (waiting to be executed) and closed (executed) orders.

  • SwitchArrow Order entry


    Where to buy or sell securities.

  • SwitchArrow Gadgets


    Add gadgets to your preference. They will always be visible while you navigate the rest of the platform on the left.

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